Interesting stuff I like

History of Humanity
> The Story of Earth and Life 
> Future Humans
> Earth in the Future
> Immortality

Earthrise picture (December 24, 1968)
Technology of the Future
> Astronomy "picture of the day" archive (NASA)
Three years of sun in three minutes
Powers of ten
> The New Search for ET (on SETI)
> The Space Place (NASA)

Media & Technology
> Future of Technology
Play the NewsgamePaperboy!
News Games
Bringing together real and pretend journalists
> "Smart Newspaper"/ Interactive Newsprint project / Story 1 / Story 2
Epic 2015 (earlier version is here)

Rig Veda (oldest available literature of mankind) Also here.
> Project Gutenberg
> 100 Books that Every Journalist Must Read (Mostly western books)
A Reading List for Future Journalists (CJR)
55 Must-see Movies for Journalists

Incredible Everest in Gigapixel!! (by GlacierWorks)
> The strange sound I heard on the Himalayan trekking trail in Dhading, Nepal, Oct 2012.